Finding the start button at night

The bread vending machine at the end of my street has recently been upgraded. They have installed a module accepting wireless payments. Which is great because I never have enough coins in my pocket! However last night I struggled, buying a bread. Because the new module is an add-on there is little integration with the existing machine and you have to press a tiny button on the payment module to start your transaction which proves really hard to find in the dark… Especially when the instructions above are also unlit.

Obviously, there is no harm done here. And the worst that can happen is that people leave without buying bread. But it is again a good illustration of how adding technology may be beneficial and frustrating at the same time.

Frustration mitigation proposals:

  • use fluorescent stickers to indicate start button
  • put a light or use lighted buttons (adds complexity, cost)
  • fully integrate the payment method (even more expensive -> replace machine)