Aviation Work-As-Done

Pushback hindered by a catering truck

Look at how this pushback truck needs to manoeuver around the white truck (I removed the markings) to reach our aircraft. As you can see, the truck is parked outside of the so-called staging area hindering the truck to approach the nose gear in a straight line.

First Story

What kind of a stupid truck driver leaves his truck unattended outside of the stage area??? It is clearly written in the airport traffic rule book that this is forbidden!

Second Story (systems thinking)

Ask yourself why this truck driver left his vehicle parked here? Put yourself in the shoes of the truck driver and understand his/her local rationality.

  • Did he/she know that this wasn’t allowed? (training)
  • Was it because he quickly wanted to smoke a cigarette at the nearby (indoor) smoking area?
  • Are there sufficient parking areas available?
  • Did the driver simply didn’t care about the rules?