Landing point

The Operations Manual (OM) describes the company procedures regarding touch-down point i.e. where pilots have to land.

Touchdown should be achieved at 1000ft (300m) beyond the threshold.

It couldn’t be much clearer. To help pilots identifying this point most runways have aiming point markings i.e. big white rectangles painted on the runway commonly referred to as “The Blocks”. Unfortunately, these blocks do not always coincide with the 300m point as required by the manual…

Note: 1) The aiming point markings other than the touchdown markings do not necessarily coincide with a fixed distance (e.g. 1000ft) beyond the threshold. Refer to Lido – eRM / OM C.

One could even ask if it is realistic to put just one point because international regulations give a margin described as the Touch Down Zone (TDZ) which is indicated by multiple sets of “blocks” painted on the runway.

Image source: https://www.avweb.com/flight-safety/proficiency/runway-markings/